What is Silk Screening?
Silk-Screening is a process where ink(s) are applied to a fabric. Cost depends on the # of colors and the # of garments. You can do just about any size design on just about any type of garment. Pricing does not depend on the size of the design…as example a left or right chest design (average size of 3.5”w x 3.5”h) or a full chest design (average size of 13.5”w x 12.5”h) are the same price. Now, add 1 or more colors to that same sized design that’s where the prices change. Each color gets its own (color) screen that allows that color to transfer to the garment. So, you pay more for each color as well as for the screens used to transfer that color. Silk-screening, small or large designs are great for garments of any weight. Silk-Screening can be very cost effective if applied to a t-shirt in one or two colors as a full front or full back design. I can offer you the option of supplying various garments as well as sizes and colors to meet the minimum quantity needed to completing a silk-screening order. The minimum quantity for a one color/one location design is just 12 pieces.
This is just the tip of the iceberg for info…if want more information- just ask me!
Prices for My Local Silk-Screening Co are:
1 color imprint/1 location - $5.50 –minimum -12 pieces
2 colors /1 location - $6.50) -–minimum -24 pieces
1 color / 2 locations - 6.50 –minimum -24 pieces
2 color / 2 locations - $7.50 - –minimum -36 pieces
Add $1.00 per color or location over 2 colors & /or 2 locations.
Does Not Include the Price of the Garment/Item
For Nylon Jackets &/or Bags- 1 color/1 location- $10.00- minimum 12 pieces. Includes Special Bonding Ink
PLUS - SCREENS – $25.00 PER COLOR / PER LOCATION. Screens will be held for 30 days after last use. After 30 days there will be a $10.00 per color/location Re-Screen Charge.

Prices quoted on garments from this website- All garment, etc, pricing is blank, undecorated pricing only. Any decoration as an embroidery application or silk-screening, a fee will be added to the price of the garment, etc. If interested in multiple locations on the same garment there will be a fee for each logo location. for garments, etc. for Promotional Items at Special Pricing for Monthly Super Special Pricing on Promotional Items

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Silk-Screening:
1) What if I don’t have a design/logo?
I have resources to assist you with a design to be silk-screened on garments, etc.

2) What size can a design/logo be?
Ave size for a logo prinited on a left or right chest is maximum 4” wide. Depending on the design shape of your logo it may need to be smaller or larger. Maximum sized design for the front or back is 10-12" w X 12-12" h.

4) How many colors can a design/logo have?
Minumum is 1 color, you can go up to as many colors as you want but there is a screen charge for each color. There are "tricks" ...just ask me, I can help you keep your costs down.  

5) Can I modify the colors of my design/logo?
Yes, you can change the design/logo colors per garment color, but again, there are extra screen charges.

6) What is a Tone-on-Tone design?
There are times when you want your logo to blend in with the garments. In those cases the logo will be silk-screened in a color that is the same as the garment color. This is referred to “Tone-on-Tone”. Sometimes picking a  color a shade or 2 lighter or darker than the garment is also effective.
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