What is Digitizing?
Did I suggest digitizing your custom logo? And, you ask…..What is digitizing? Digitizing is an art form and I will pay an expert to get the best. Embroidery Digitizing, like other forms of ‘digitizing’ (used in Architecture & Aerospace) is the means of taking a ‘drawing’ & interpreting this drawing for the purpose of embroidery. Additional instructions are programmed into the design that gives computerized embroidery machine instructions for embroidery. Embroidery Digitizing is somewhat complicated as the embroidery artist also needs a thorough understanding of fabrics and how they will interact with the embroidery application (thread). An open weave shirt, for example needs to be digitized differently than one would for a finished hat.
I will send your art/design file to the digitizer for a price quote. So, I need to know the approx size(s) of the finished design(s), colors and their separations. We also need to know the type(s) of fabric(s) that you, as the customer, will want me to do the embroidery on. My digitizer requests the best art possible to work. He requests either an EPS or an AI file. If those files are not available there are other forms of art we can work with. If you need your art/design created for you, I also work with a graphic designer that can work with us (for an added charge). For the digitizing price quote please allow 3-5 days. After you approve the digitizing price quote allow 5-7 days for the art to be digitized. With the digitizing price quote he will also inform me of the approx number of stitches, so I will know the approx embroidery cost per location.
Once the design(s) is digitized it can used any time for the cost of the embroidery. The digitizing charge is a one time charge to set-up your design(s) to do the embroidery. I will keep your design on file for all of your future orders. Approx cost is $50.00 and up (for larger or complicated designs). ALL ORDERS- 50% DEPOSIT AT TIME OF ORDER
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What is Embroidery?
Embroidery is the process where you are “inserting” threads into a garment/item. As an example– a polo shirts with your company logo as a left or right chest design (average size -3.5”w x 3.5”h) or a denim shirt or a jacket with a full back design (average size 12.5”w x 12.5”H). Embroidery works well on just about any garment. There is no limit to colors nor are there any extra charges for the numbers of colors in the design. The cost of embroidery depends on the # of stitches & the type of fabric it is sewn on. The threads I use for embroidery are color-fast when washed with non-chlorine bleach. Embroidery is a beautiful addition to any garment or item. This is just the tip of the iceberg for info…if want more information- just ask me! AND…The best is yet to come…minimum quantity is just one piece!
Prices for Embroidery are:
Minimum starts at $10.00 per design per location for a minimum of 1 piece.
That is for an average left or right chest sized embroidery.
All price quotes are approx. Pricing depends on stitch count.
I need to see the design and work on it for the correct cost to do the embroidery. PLUS – for a custom design see the digitizing info attached.
Bring Your Own Garment Service Charge- 20% OF Embroidery Costs or minimum of $10.00  & the cost of the embroidery done. Client must sign a waiver to Release HDCE of Responsibility for damaged products. We would prefer to work on the items we sell. We can control the quality of the garments/items & the decoration. Thank you!
FOR GARMENTS & OTHER OPTIONS VISIT - www.companycasuals.com/HDCE
Prices quoted on garments from this website- www.companycasuals.com/HDCE: All garment, etc, pricing is blank, undecorated pricing only. Any decoration as an embroidery application or silk-screening, a fee will be added to the price of the garment, etc. If interested in multiple locations on the same garment there will be a fee for each logo location.
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Embroidery:
1) What if I don’t have a logo?
I have resources to assist you with a design to be embroidered on garments, etc.

2) What factors are considered when digitizing a logo for a garment?
A logo will stitich differently on different types of fabrics and garments. The garment fabric (weave) & type of thread to be sued are taken into consideration when the logo is digitized. Our goal is to produce embroidered logos that are attractive & representative of our client’s original artwork. Digitizing Fee: Digitizing is the process of converting your digital artwork into an embroidery design. You will be charged a digitizing fee based upon the actual stitich count of your logo. The actual stitich count can only be determined after the design is digitized. We will provide estimates prior to the digitizing process.  

3) What size can a logo be?
Ave size for a logo sewn on a left or right chest is maximum 4” wide. Depending on the design shape of your logo it may need to be smaller or larger. The minimum size for lettering included in the logo design are often the determining factor dictating the minimum embroidered logo design. The logo location is also a factor in size definition.
Embroidered Grange Logo
4) How many colors can a embroidered logo have?
Your logo can included up to 15 different colors. We match thread colors to the logo’s PMS colors as accurately as possible. If more than 15 colors there will be a service charge per added color.

5) Can I modify the colors of my embroidered logo?
Yes, the logos I design will allow you to modify the thread colors when the logo is embroidered on different colored garments.

6) What is Tone-on-Tone Embroidery?
There are times when you want your logo to blend in with the garments. In those cases the logo will be embroidered in a thread color that is the same as the garment color. This is referred to “Tone-on-Tone”. Sometimes picking a thread color a shade or 2 lighter or darker than the garment is also effective.)
www.companycasuals.com/HDCE for garments, etc.
www.kbbestbuys.com for Promotional Items at Special Pricing
www.kbwindjammer.com for Monthly Super Special Pricing on Promotional Items
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